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Inicio Actualidad “We all are Steve” homenaje musical a Steve Jobs

“We all are Steve” homenaje musical a Steve Jobs

Este vídeoclip está inspirado en la canción “What More Can I Say” de Jay-Z. Es un homenaje musical al recorrido profesional de Jobs, donde dejan muy claro que todos, de alguna forma, hemos sido influenciados por Steve Jobs, co-fundador de Apple.

El tema está escrito por Beau Lewis, creado por Seedwell / Pantless Knights, con los coros de Brenna Wahl.


Letra de la canción:

There’s never been a leader this good for this long
This old, With inventions this bold, Or this strong
The simplest designs, Set trends and prove wrong
Streamlined every product, The iPod you all bought it
These hacks, Too lazy to innovate, They crazy
They don’t try to create, They just trace me
You know what, Soon they forget who they stole, They whole style from,
And try to reverse the iPhone, I’m like… huh!
I’m not a hater, The creator With imagination
I drop technology that inspires entire nations.
I call up Lucas, I’m big enough to brew it
I’m that focused, Plus i knew that Disney wouldn’t do it
So the dreams and teams you write about, White em out
It’s hard to brag when the iPad’s in your mouth
I’m in…Grey sneakers, I make features, You stay eager
What more can i tell you, Let me spell it for you
S-T-E V-E, Nobody truer than J-O-Bs
And you have to know, The world’s best C-E-O
Turned chairman, I’m back to finish the boards business up

What more can I say? What more can i do?
I give this all to you, I know this much is true
What more can I say?

Now you know they love you truly
When you drop a new Mac and you perfect the GUI
And your code ain’t Foo-ey, Right
That means those lines they bite must be chewy
Chop that and they gone get sueyed, Toast
I don’t mean to boast, But damn if i don’t flex
Them hackers gonna act like they built OSX
The Andy Roddick, That serves the new product
Far from a Harvard student, Just had the heart to do it
And no I’m not delaying it, In fact I’m just playing it
This ain’t the release I’m just QA’in it
One, Two and i won’t stop tweaking it
To Tech blogs, stop false leaking it
Back to the product, The multi-touch screen was exotic
Early adopters and they grandmas bought it
What up Woz, They can’t shut up Jobs
Shut down I, Not even God , I’m a ride
Lord forgive me for my brash delivery
But I remember vividly, What defeat did to me
So picture me, Lettin this board get at me
Fire me then buy my Next company
I will literally, Kiss Bill G in the forehead
Tell PC forgive me, Then squeeze out the market til its dead
I’m not a boutique chop shop, In fact
I got something unique to knock socks off
Young, Steven the God steady droppin heat
I’m at the Mac Keynote, Try to cop a seat
I ain’t never scared, I’m everywhere
You ain’t never there, Google why would i ever care
Pound for pound I’m the best to ever grow a grey hair
Excluding nobody, Look what i embody
The soul of a hustler the American Dream
I rose on my own, And made 8 Bill-i-ion in cream
And no I ain’t from parents with whole lots of cash
Or live any life well above middle class
And my designs ain’t comin’ and goin’ like pop fads
But the real shit you get when you bust down my passion
Add that to my engineering’s built to last
Times that by my influence, On computers, communications,
entertainment, music and too much to list
We’ll see what happens when i no longer exist

Jaume Angulohttp://www.territorimac.com
Jaume Angulo presenta Territorimac.

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  1. tooo lo que se diga de Steve , sera bienvenido ya que es la chispa en la marca de la manzana..!!, congratulaciones al mundo Mac..!!

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