En el vídeoclip «Ojalá pudiera borrarte» se rompe un iBook


En el vídeoclip del tema titulado «Ojalá pudiera borrarte» grupo Mexicano Maná aparece en dos planos un iBook de concha azul de 1999. En el minuto 1:29 un chico colpea la tapa para cerrarlo y en el minuto 2:05 el iBook cae de lo alto y se estampa contra el suelo.

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  1. Hi Margaret J,Sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with your iBook. That is prttey surprising. I know a lot of people who would love a G4 iBook like that, so you won’t have any problems selling, with a new battery or not.The good news is that most of your Macintosh files will transfer fine to a Windows PC. Macs burn CDs that are compatible and you can simply move your iPhoto pictures over and burn them to CD, as well as your iTunes music. MP3 and AIFF music files can easily be read by your Windows software, as well as your photos in JPEG (JPG) format. Well, maybe not as nicely as how the Mac does it.Likewise, if you have Quicktime movie files, those can be viewed on a Windows PC also. There is a free Quicktime viewer that is Windows compatible located at the Apple web site.Best of luck with your decision. Rick

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